Elise Bergonzi, born in 1997, is a French visual artist. She graduated from the Nantes School of Fine Arts with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in 2019 and 2021 respectively. She lives and works between Paris and Nantes.


   Through a range of media and processes, her practice is rooted in objects, spaces, events, materials and documents that inhabit our daily lives. These industrial forms are embedded in our lives. Discreetly, they store the stories of the places we live in and reveal our ways of dealing with them. These objects, these forms, these spaces, like fragments of life, bear witness to ourselves and our daily adventures. Through manipulating them, they accumulate, contain and thus represent the traces of our existence and our multiple ways of living.

   As a visual artist of matter and forms, she regularly moves from silver photography to sculpture and installation. Elise Bergonzi is interested in the phenomenology and sociology of these everyday fragments, questioning their influence on our human relationships.

  In her practice, the elements of the “infra-ordinary”1, those found in every dwelling unit, are linked to the intimate and societal memory of things and places she encounters. She seeks to bring material and form into dialogue in sculptures that oscillate between recognizable objects and potential story forms. Between collective narratives and the narration of a more personal intimacy, the spaces and forms of the dwelling or the city blend together as if trying to speak of their quiet life that breathes in silence.


1.Perec, Georges. l’infra-ordinaire. Lonrai : Seuil, 1989. 128 p.