Composed of a metal structure that delimits its surface and a sheet and latex that obstructs the voids of this form, the installation marks out a perimeter that is enclosed within itself. The latex curtain builds a fluid wall that plays with its own transparency. 


    Tied together by a copper wire, a set of fragments of ceramic pipes lies on the floor. The fragility of the forms makes their transport perilous. The bundle must hold its breath to avoid breaking its branches under their own weight. 

    The pipes are shaped like the copper pipes that snake through the carcasses of our buildings and sometimes erupt in our bathrooms. These empty lines carry the memory of the water that flows through our interiors. Between the walls, the liquid infiltrates to rain in the half-silences of our homes.

Installation – 2021 

Latex sheet, metal structure, wax bulb, electric wires, ceramic pipes and copper wire 

225 x 210 x 167 cm