The installation anchors itself in the warmth of the material on which it rests. The metal sheet contains the light bulb which, once again, is activated as a source of energy, indicating a presence. Copper covers the concrete to offer space to the forms it hosts, and the aged plates are colored with reflections to transport the light. 


    Copper becomes the conductive element of this muted heat. It is the essence of the house, what makes the space inhabited. The gas boiler represents the living force of a dwelling unit. It is a spongy reservoir that heats both the house and the water that flows through it. Through the pipes, its presence goes from wall to wall, from floor to floor; and the sheet metal protects its burning heart that snores in the basements of our houses.

Installation – 2021 

Ceramic gas cylinder, plaster metal sheet, resin sponges, gelatin pipe, copper plates, beeswax bulb and electrical wires 

300 x 212 x 92 cm