For this installation, I was inspired by daily liquid forms. The water contained in the plastic bags comes from the Loire and was taken from the river in the heart of the city of Nantes. By taking an interest in the water that flows in profusion in our private spaces and where it comes from, I realized that the liquid we drink is none other than this living and wild Loire that runs through the city. Processed in the factories of Mauve-sur- Loire and then stored in the reservoirs of La Contrie, the water travels from its source and its bed to the pipes of our taps.

    For the exhibition, I chose to present this liquid in its «living» form, as a natural element that is not yet consumable and that has preserved the memories of its life as a river. The bags used to preserve this water refer to our sometimes alienating patterns of consumer behavior, as they are bags used to vacuum-pack foodstuffs found in supermarkets. These objects of food preservation made to preserve food as long as possible evoke a kind of frenetic consumption that pushes the inhabitants to practice an economy of storage and conservation. 

    The transparency of the bags allows us to observe the quality of the water we consume while highlighting the place where it comes from. It is a sample of territory which, by being sealed, reminds us of its journey, its conservation and its memory by showing the weaknesses of our lifestyles. 

    These forms function as small improvised and almost futile tanks. Piled up on a metal shelf, they are stored like bags of rice in a kitchen cupboard, ready to break and spill their contents at the foot of the metal structure that tries to hold back their fall. 

Archive of the group exhibition “Hemerocallis” at the RDV gallery on August 08 – September 04, 2020 in Nantes 


Installation – 2020 

Vivid water, plastic bags and galvanized metal shelf 

Variable dimensions