At the end of the coast

Fanzine – 2018

Printing on paper

10,5 x 16 cm

Injunction ? 

    Theses images are extracted from a set of seven fanzines. Made from a process of engraving on milk bricks, they associate drawings and texts.

    The titles are articulated like common injunctions, taken up with humor to speak about the flows of words which sometimes, by dint of being heard and reused out of their first context loose their original meaning. The pages work as rudimentary associations of ideas between text and images. 

Series of seven fanzines – 2017 


Turn back 

Don’t run 

Hands up 

Let it trough 

Prohibited establishment 


Engraving on Tetra Pak 

10 x 16 cm each 

Postcard transfer

Postcards – 2018

Printing on paper

10 x 15 cm


Silver print – 2016

Printing on paper

10 x 15 cm

Black Hole

    The focus of this fanzine is the notion of “black hole” in a expanded sense. This edition combines the analysis and research of Stephen Hawking in his book A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes with a set of photographs, drawings and diagrams, as an inventory evoking the black hole outside its scientific definition. 

    You could see a black hole in a sink drain, in a keyhole, a memory gap or in a light bulb that bursts. 


    This project gave birth to the BLACK HOLE editions. It was created in a space densified by images, drawings and snippets of written or photocopied texts that I pinned on the walls. A large collection of heterogeneous elements on the theme of “black holes” was quickly formed and led me to the realization of this first edition. 

Fanzine – 2017

Printing on paper

13 x 18 cm