Archive of the group exhibition “Hinge Point” at La Cafet’ – student gallery – of the Nantes School of Arts December 02-06, 2019 in Nantes, France 


Sculpture – 2019 

Plaster cans, iron tray and water 

52 x 100 x 250 cm 

    This project was born out of a research on “containing-objects”. A set of cans recovered at random from their encounter are moulded in a gesture that generates the taking of their imprint but also, in a more metaphorical way, the mark of their contents, of their past adventures. 


    In this sculpture, their hollow and sometimes fragmented shapes talk about objects as remains which often graze oblivion. 

   All the containers were filled with water. It has quickly seeped into the cracks and the rust is slowly beginning to eat the plaster. At the end of this experiment, the whiteness of the plaster is replaced by the color of the rusty metal that runs along their surface. Thus, each installation period makes them wither a little more. 


    This sculpture is a collection of shapes, solids and hollows and illustrates my relationship to the production of these objects. In the studio, all the cans are contained on this makeshift shelf where they pile up. The wobbly, hollowed-out structure sets them up in space and dialogues with their own precariousness. 

    Crumbly, fragile and silent, these objects, now unusable, are like an island lost in space. 


    Containing only their own form, they illustrate their referents in the real world, raising the question of the relevance and fundamental usefulness of the objects that surround us and that we keep “just in case”. These forms that we keep on hand, reassuring objects that clump together in our private spaces, represent clues to our ways of living. 

Sculpture – 2018-2019 

Plaster cans and wooden shelf 

Variable dimensions

Installation – 2018 

Plaster cans, plastic pipe and glass plate 

Variable dimensions